Kalimana Film Stories | Rebozo workshop at the farm - January 2014

Welcome to the gallery of images for the Rebozo workshop at the Farm (January 25, 2014)!

Please feel free to download the images and use as needed. These images are being offered without any obligation to purchase them, so there are a few requirements to follow, if you'd like to use them. By downloading images, you agree to the following conditions:

  • ALL images require tagging of Gena Kirby (and/or a link to www.genakirby.com) and tagging of Kalimana Birth Stories (and/or a link to www.kalimana.com) wherever they are used.
  • Credit (to Gena Kirby and Kalimana Birth Stories) must accompany the images anywhere online (on blogs, websites, facebook, etc...)
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  • Permission to print and/or high resolution (unwatermarked) images can be obtained by contacting kalli@birthfilms.com.

Thank you to everyone - it was a pleasure to photograph you at the workshop by Gena Kirby! Please enjoy the images!