with Kalli Pavon, owner of Kalimana Film Stories


These courses are designed to assist small business owners who work with parents & expecting families, with a few classes tailored to those who attend to pregnant clients.  The only equipment required is a cell phone (with a camera) and a computer.  Applications (both free & paid) will be suggested.



(available for viewing & downloading on May 10, 2019)

Photo marketing Basics: An audio chat with Kalli Pavon (professional photographer & filmmaker) about the importance of consciously incorporating better photography into your business marketing.  Topics discussed: the fact that a conscious effort to improve photo marketing is vital, 3 tips for taking better photos, the power of video, how to work with birth photographers (getting behind-the-scenes photos for marketing use), and the importance of building a content library.  $22


The power of light: Learn to use ambient light, and add additional light (with planning, or on the fly). $29
Composition & angles: Learn what can make your marketing photos get noticed. $29

Exercise (Angles): An exercise/homework to put what you've learned about angles to work! $12

"Blurry background" : You can have a "bokeh" (blurry) background even with your cell phone - I'll show you how! $29

Editing & watermarking: Learn to push your photos a little further, and add your logo as a watermark.  $29

Review & critique session: Kalli will review & critique 10 images, with detailed instruction on how to take your skill further & impact your business!  $59

Photographs at births: Snapping photos for birth clients (when your primary service is something else). Tips & strategies. $29

Easy video creation: Create quick, but powerful videos on the fly, with just your cell phone!  $59

Birth photogs: 

How to get the most out of your relationship with birth photographers (and build your behind-the-scenes photo library)!  $39

Content library: It all starts with building a content library to fuel your social media posts, website content, and publication needs. This class will show you how to begin. $29

Photos & social media: The importance of using photos (and video) on social media & how to make it work for you.  $29

90 days to done: Several exercises to help you build an impressive content library in 90 days, concluding with goal setting to put it to work! $39


COMPLETE COURSE SET: Receive access to all 12 courses, including downloads of all videos, a PDF manual to help you through, and a 30 minute "photo marketing powwow" via phone call with Kalli Pavon, scheduled upon request. Total value over $500!  ($99 if pre-ordered before May 10th, or $149 after May 10th)