Close your eyes and imagine opening up a big beautiful book of your favorite little moments from this season.


Did you do it?


... ...

What moments did you imagine holding onto this year? 

What about the 15 or so summers until the kids aren't quite kids anymore?

Let's create an album to love on, so you can re-live moments without going on a digital scavenger hunt.  Let's hang a series of story-telling portraits on the wall, so you can see your kiddos' self-esteem grow as they pass by (every day, dozens of times).  Let KFS share the gift of time, for generations to come.  Let's give you some tangible prints to hold in your hands after a stressful day.  Let's let you show your family off to guests without lifting a finger or saying a word.

A session experience is different with Kalimana:

  1. We plan together in person, so you're not left alone, stressed, and frantically scrolling through Pinterest for ideas. 
  2. No stressing, no impossible expectations.  We just have a great time, and capture some truly great moments.
  3. Selecting your favorite images is easy, fun, and includes snacks! (you won't be left to do this alone!)
  4. You'll make a few simple decisions to determine how you'd like to display your favorite images.
  5. Custom design & production (no slaving away on that photo project for years. KFS even installs your wall art!)

HOW do we accomplish this?

  1. In-person design appointment in the comfort of your home - we'll decide wardrobe, locations/rooms, and artwork.
  2. A fun, easy-going session with more gentle guidance, and less strict posing
  3. In-person reveal & ordering appointment (where I'll help you select your favorite images)
  4. Easy online review for albums and video projects.
  5. Delivery & installation of wall art in your home.


This truly is an investment in your family.

Your investment with KFS depends entirely on what you decide to do with your favorite portraits (or video).  While many families invest $2000-$3000 (taking home a family heirloom album or memory box, along with the matching digitals), some have a plan to stay around $500, and simply select a few favorite portraits.  Others invest even more in tangible-art from their session, whether selecting longer or multiple albums, telling their story on video, or creating collections of story-telling artwork for the wall.

In the end, what you invest is up to you, and your experience will be just as lovely.  I'm excited for you & your family, whether I'm preparing a small package of a few matted prints, hanging a 16x20 gallery wrap on your wall, or delivering the longest, heaviest album & wall portraits you've ever seen. 


To find out more pricing information, reach out to KFS to schedule an in-person or by-phone consultation.