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A few facts about the Hall family:

  1. They found out they were pregnant with Oliver on Jeremy's birthday, and Jeremy found out they were pregnant with E on Oliver's birthday. 

  2. Oliver tells everyone he meets that he's getting a baby brother, and he has to approve of all items coming in the house by playing in them or with them to make sure it's just right for his baby brother. 

  3. E is the 5th grandbaby on both sides of the family. 

  4. Krystan only knew she was pregnant with E after having three break-down crying moments at work for no reason. (Krystan says: Sorry, Brandi!)

  5. They are all ecstatic to meet BabyE and have his birth on video to always remember.


Birth photography & video will allow Krystan & Jeremy to remember the beautiful moments during the journey of bringing their little one into the world - especially those first few moments they hold their baby in their arms.  Your help to make this happen would mean the world to them.  If you would like to help them on their journey, click on the "contribute" button above!


Curious about what the Broadaway family will be documenting? Take a look at the video below:

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