It's 2018, and time to start up another series of classes for parents who want to take better pictures of their kiddos & get their growing collection of digital files under control!  Why would a professional photographer who takes portraits of families want parents to learn to take better pictures?  Isn't that counter-intuitive?  Not at all! While I love seeing families often, as we document special milestones, let's be honest - you're still taking pictures of your kids when I'm not around!  And I have no intention of telling you to put down the camera.  I want you to document your kiddo's day-to-day!  (I'm confident I'll see you when it's time to update the portraits of the whole fam!)


Some highlights from the "parents taking pictures" series:

  • Believing in "less is more" and how to stay focused on quality rather than quantity, so you don't get overwhelmed reviewing 3,995,135 shots of your one-year-old learning to eat spaghetti - Introduction class (1)
  • Taking better pictures without any special equipment  (So you can confidently grab "that perfect shot" of the adorable spaghetti face, with ANY camera you have on hand) - Skills classes (2&3) 
  • Building your own system to help you separate & organize favorite snaps on your computer -  Wrapping it up class (4)
  • Steps for printing those everyday pictures (including recommendations to my personal favorite consumer-based printing companies) -  Wrapping it up class (4)



Week of January 15 (4 one-hour classes)

Week of February 5 (4 one-hour classes)


LOCATION: Murfreesboro, Tennessee


To learn more and find out how to register for one of the limited spots, fill out the form below!