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30 birthy things from your Middle Tennessee birth photographer-videographer

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As a birth photographer/videographer I see a lot. My job is to observe. To watch events unfold, pay close attention to facial expressions, and document them as they happen. Experiencing birth with many different families, I've seen a lot of breathtaking, unique, wonderful moments. Many of them you can watch in the videos so many families have so graciously allowed me to share with you. Today, though, I want to share a few commonalities. The beautiful realizations families allow me to see again and again. Here are 30 "birthy" things ( :) ).


  1. Labor can be spiritually uplifting (for any form of belief).
  2. You might surprise yourself and opt for an epidural at 3cm.  And that's OKAY.  You researched it.  You chose it.  That's what matters.
  3. Labor can be enjoyed - you will smile and likely even laugh (between contractions ;) ).  Yes, even without medication.
  4. Quick labor isn't always "the easy way out." I've heard it be compared to being hit by a freight train. Sometimes slow (albeit not too slow) & steady is preferred.
  5. This labor & delivery might be completely different from your previous experience(s).
  6. You might be surprised how many hours (or days) your family will happily wait in a waiting room.
  7. A VBAC turned C-section can still be breathtakingly beautiful.
  8. Your little one might need forceps to help them out.  The room will fill with doctors (for you & baby), but you'll be in good hands.  Forceps-delivery isn't the same as it was 100 years ago. Now forceps are most often used as a tool to avoid a C-section, and more often than not, they are used to help baby turn, right before delivery.
  9. If you choose to, you can labor in the hospital for several days without requiring pitocen to strengthen contractions - just be sure to have a fabulous support system, a dedicated doula, and a strong resolve.
  10. Moms - walls come falling down when that man you love becomes a dad.  Be prepared to feel like you never truly knew them.
  11. Dads - women become superheroes in your eyes after watching them give birth to your child.  Be prepared to feel like you never truly knew her.
  12. Chat with your unborn baby about 3 things regarding timing:  Keep labor to 6-12 hours; no coming during rush hour; and tell him or her to join us around sunrise or sunset (ok, ok, somewhat of a joke... but try it, for my sake at least ;) )
  13. Baby #1 (especially if age 3 and under) may not be as interested in seeing their new sibling (at first) as you expected they would.  But that's ok. They'll come around.
  14. The cord being wrapped (around wrists or neck) is much more common than you may think.  Doctors and midwives know what to do when this happens - they unwrap cords often.
  15. Waiting outside the operating room doors while she is getting prepped for a C-section may be the scariest thing you've done. Keep breathing. She's in good hands.
  16. They say that after you've had 3 kids, it just gets easier with the 4th (and each after that).  They might be dead wrong.
  17. You might have a bowel movement during labor and/or pushing. Maybe several. And you'll care about it a lot less than you'd imagine. And so will we.  Poop happens. ;)
  18. Moms, dad might not stay right by your side every moment.  He might need to keep a distance for his (and your) own good.
  19. Dads, she might not want you by her side the whole time. She might want someone else (who is present) holding her hand instead.  Or she might want you by her side, but in silence (even if she told you beforehand to keep talking to her).   You are still needed.
  20. On the other hand, she also might want you by her side 24/7 - you may have to pry your hands free in order to go to the bathroom.  Remember that your doula (or other birth support) isn't just for her, but for you too.  Know you are helpful & needed - no matter what she ends up ask you to do or not do.
  21. You may discover facts about your baby that ultrasounds & prenatal care didn't reveal.  You'll be prepared to face them. As their parent, you'll rise to the challenges, and love more than you ever imagined - even if it's scarier than you thought.
  22. Grandparents can be wise (and, in granddad's case, even entertaining) members of the birth team.
  23. Watching your child wake up to meet a new sibling might just be the sweetest thing ever.
  24. Sometimes when a mom feels intuitively that baby is coming too fast to get to the hospital, she might actually be right.  And if she is, don't stress. Get support. Call who you need to. You've got this.
  25. You might just look at him (and him at you) at some point during labor and immediately kick everyone out of the room for a while. And that's ok (even good)! :)
  26. If you want it, you can have an all-natural home birth the first time around (and every time after that).
  27. The second labor might actually be harder than the first.
  28. As much as you'll want to love on/stare at/take in your little one that first day, you may very well feel too exhausted to do much.  That's normal!!  Have a support person/provider/post-partum doula, etc.. to take care of you and give in to your body's need for sleep!  It's the best thing you can do.
  29. Your nurse/doula/midwife/doctor might become a superhero in your eyes. Who knows, maybe your birth photographer/videographer too. ;)
  30. A new parent is usually more attractive to their partner in life after their baby comes into the world than they were before.
  31. You'll never regret capturing this.  You will flip through the album, watch the video, etc.. again & again.  They may even help you hold onto the best moments, and heal from the hard ones. :)  


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