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Sarah & Justin have 


remaining to meet their $3000 goal!


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A few facts about the Fann family:


  1. Sarah & Justin have known each other since they were only 5 years old!
  2. The Fann family does life BIG every 5 years. 
    • 2008: Started dating
    • 2013: Got married!
    • 2018: First baby
    • 2023: They're taking guesses! ;)
  3. They have a fur baby who is anxiously awaiting his little sister (while he works on mastering watch-dog duties).
  4. Daddy is excited to share his love of sports & teach his little girl everything she needs to know, while mommy hopes she takes after her and prefers cheer-leading.
  5. They've chosen to document the moment they meet their precious baby, with photography & video!


The Fann family is also registered on Baby List and Amazon


In addition to maternity & newborn, they have chosen to capture the moments around birth! This will help them hold onto those first few memories forever (and be able to share highlights of the day with friends & family).  Your help to make this happen means the world to them. Click on the "contribute" button above to share in the building of their family legacy.


Curious about what birth video looks like? Click play below:

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