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(image by Dee Bartee)

(Baby Bitler at 20 weeks!)



A few facts about the Bitler family!

Kainin & Cylie have been together 19 years! If you would have told them they would still be having children 20 years later they would have never believed it! They are both still astonished they are due to have another baby, but both very stoked!

• The 3 boys are excited to journey through this pregnancy completely unsure of this baby’s gender!

• All the boys in their family have names that begin with K; Kainin, Karder, Kohen and Kingslee but the girls start with C (Cylie).  They're really hoping to share the 'C' love with this baby.

• The older brothers would really love to have a sister!  Kingslee is hit or miss - usually he wants a brother, but he has also said baby sister!

• Cylie is one of “those” weird people and she loves birth & labor.  She feels blessed to be able to serve other women in labor for her job, but has never had any of her own birth stories documented. Cylie says: "I am so deeply excited to have this very special moment captured by such a gifted artist and friend Kalli!!"

Click here to see samples of what the Bitler family will be documenting!



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