Kalimana Film Stories | About Kalimana



I'm Kalli.  Some call me Kalimana.

"Not in a million years." I wasn't supposed to do this "business-owning thing." Growing up, I told myself I wouldn't follow in my entrepreneur dad's footsteps.  He sold something to everyone he met. I hid behind him. You had to force me to talk to someone I didn't know. I stayed far away from sales jobs. I was the artistic type.  The "photography thing" was only ever meant to be a passion-filled (albeit, expensive) hobby.

But somewhere along that journey, my love for taking pictures (and later discovery of video) merged with families and eventually… with birth I was done for. This was my calling. After apprenticing with other photographers & film-makers, and lots of studying about running a business, Kalimana Film Stories opened for business in 2012.

I’ve always preferred observing over participating.  Despite all odds, this nature (once perceived as a weakness) actually allowed me to do my job better.  I like to say my job allows me to be a bit of an anthropologist. Which I love.  I love that as a documentary birth and family videographer, I have the amazing privilege of being invited into the most intimate spaces to observe life happen...  whether energy-filled bed-times, rough playtimes or messy mealtimes, I love observing your little bits of day-to-day life, and capturing them.  The perfect, real moments in between the chaos. There is so much beauty in the little things that happen when families fall out of the “plan” we’ve made.  When they forget they’re being watched.  We work hard to get there, and am overjoyed when it happens. Kind of geek out about it afterward. I'll blame that on my sociology major. 

The families who trust me enough to hire me (and "let me in") are priceless gifts to me.  Not only do my clients make it possible for this business to continue, but they also teach me.  My amazing husband and I will eventually start having babies of our own, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the teachers I’ve had in each of you.