Kalimana Film Stories provides photography and video services to families in the Middle Tennessee area (click here to email about non-local work). While many families commission birth photography and video, you can find Kalli (the owner & artist behind KFS) documenting other family moments, such as everyday family routines, family outings & celebrations, travel, and more.  Kalimana Film Stories specializes in narrating these priceless legacies with heirloom family albums, framed portrait series, and custom cinematic films.  Read more below.

Kalli & husband, Javier Portraits by Jenny Cruger.


I'm Kalli.  Some call me Kalimana.

Growing up, my entrepreneur dad sold something to everyone he met. I was the one tugging at his shirt, begging to leave. I grew up swearing I would never own my own business.

Several years after my photography journey began in 2004, I discovered running a business could indeed be significant - when a passion truly fulfilled a need.

Once I delved into video & documented my first birth, I finally felt I had something that sang to my heart, while also fulfilling parents' need to hold onto memories that fade too fast. After apprenticing with portrait artists & film-makers, Kalimana Film Stories opened for business in 2012. 

I’ve always preferred observing over participating.  Despite all odds, this nature allowed me to excel in what I do.  My job allows me to be a bit of an anthropologist - which I love.  It's been an enormous privilege to be invited into clients homes to document everyday life happening.  The perfect, real moments in between the chaos. The beauty when families fall out of the “plan” we’ve made.  When they forget they’re being watched.  We work hard to get there and I am overjoyed when it happens. 

Those who trust me to build their family's legacy are treasures to me.  Not only do my clients make it possible for this business to continue, but they're my teachers.  I couldn’t be more grateful for each lesson I receive as I capture another year of their life.

Now, let's talk about capturing one of yours.