1. Senior session fee: Includes pre-session planning & prep-guide, wardrobe assistance, customized session, and in-person reveal & ordering appointment.

$150 (one location)

$225 (2-3 locations)


2. Product options

Fine art prints $179 each

(or fill a keepsake box (with 15 to 50 fine art prints) for $100 each)

Heirloom albums, from $1500 

Wall art, from $25/inch

Cards/announcements, from 25 for $250 (select 3 sets, get the 4th as a gift)

Small prints, from $500 for a custom keepsake box of 20 mounted prints

Additional products available upon request


*Albums, fine art prints, and wall-art includes the corresponding digital file.


3. Bonuses

  • 5000+ (Bonus gifts: 6 accordion books, 50 announcements, keepsake print box, and all images on custom USB drive)
  • 4000+ (Bonus gifts: 3 accordion books, 25 announcements, and all images on a custom USB drive)
  • 3000+ (Bonus gifts: 3 accordion books, and all images on a custom USB drive)
  • 2000+ (Bonus gifts: 25 announcements)