"... close your eyes for a moment and just imagine a wall in your home (or perhaps a shelf or table)..."


Picture your home with storytelling photographs narrating the next few years of your family's life. 


What little daily stories or big moments do you hope to hold onto? 

Why does the thought of having them on display make you smile? 

Maybe it's because you can re-live moments without searching on an electronic device.  Possibly it's seeing your kiddos' self-esteem grow as (every day, dozens of times) they pass those portraits, subconsciously taking in the importance of family or being able to share the gift of time, for generations to come (despite changes & glitches in technology).  Perhaps the idea of holding onto those moments after a stressful day gives you a boost of energy.


Your experience with KFS is built to help your family with 5 main tasks:

  1. Getting excited for the session, instead of stressing about it 
  2. Having fun during the session, instead of just "getting through it"
  3. Selecting your family's best portraits (you won't be left to do this alone!)
  4. Deciding what to do with your portraits (and keeping it simple!)
  5. Custom design & production (no slaving away on that photo project for years. KFS even installs your wall art!)