Watching your family gives me goosebumps.  Whether you're cooking dinner together, trying to manage the evening bath before documenting bedtime, getting emotional on the first day of school, enjoying a Holiday tradition or family outing, or something else... I feel truly honored to be there.  The experience is always different.  Always unique. And I am thrilled to capture for you with videography and photos.

Just like each family, each session with Kalimana is unique.  They can include videography or photography, or choose a combination of both, but you'll choose the video/photo ratio.  Before the experience, I'll get to know your family a bit more through a questionnaire.  After the session, you'll receive only the highest quality video & image files and heirloom products.

Family documentary sessions start at $475 for session + file(s).  Contact Kalimana to schedule yours!


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... or take a peek at a few example films below!

"Day in the life" session with the Linville family
"Dear little one" audio-visual letter 

Family fun in a field! 


Announcement videos
Mom & Me at the playground!  

Family outting!