Someday you'll be sitting together with your children (and grandchildren)reminiscing about "the good old days" while going through all the albums & videos we created together over the years.  Family films with the kids trying to crack an egg & you fishing eggshell out of the cake batter, heirloom albums highlighting the best moments of bathtime & bedtime routine, a wall-portrait of you and your little guy on his first day of school, professional family videos from those days your little girl was learning to drive the boat or your son was trying his hand at waterskiing, a beautiful album with priceless imagery from the annual beach trip you used to take every year... I feel truly honored to be there in moments like these, capturing real moments with photography and video.  The investment you make now to make sure these family memories are honored will always be a wise one.   

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Watch family films by Kalimana

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... take a peek at a few actual family films below!

"Day in the life" session with the Linville family
"Dear little one" audio-visual letter 

Family fun in a field! 


Announcement videos
Mom & Me at the playground!  

Family outting! 


Your family session with Kalimana Film Stories can include videography or photography, or a combination of both.  Before the session experience, we'll meet to allow me to get to know your family better, plan your session, and talk about how you'll display photographs from this session in your home.  Within 4 weeks of the session, we'll re-connect to view the final photographs and family video, and I'll walk you through the steps to display images in your home or plan to add them to a year-end family heirloom album collection. 



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...or take a look at this list of moments KFS families have chosen to capture:  

  • routine - at home: wake up routine + making & enjoying breakfast, lunch-time & afternoon play, bathtime & bedtime routine, making & sharing meals together, homework or school projects, family night, game night, potty training excitement, cleaning together, gardening/yardwork, new toy play, building forts/pillow fights, art - painting/coloring/drawing, building a treehouse, auto mechanic work, story time, backyard play, outdoor play (mud, water, bugs, rock/stick collecting, etc...), family carwash
  • routine - away from home: hikes/walks/bike rides, outdoor exploration, going to school, sports practice/games, extracurriculars (dance, music, art, drama, etc...), family outings (library, park, picnic, bowling, skating, etc.), visiting extended family (grandparents!), water play (on the boat, at the lake/river, water park, backyard water fun, etc...), fishing, firefly catching, dog walking
  • special occasions: birth of a baby, bringing baby home, recitals or competitions, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, last/first day of school, health triumphs/recoveries, first haircut, moving out of a loved home or moving into a new home, a special visitor, driving lessons, a pet joining the family
  • holiday: Valentines traditions (decorating the house, writing love notes, putting together Valentines cards for school), Easter festivities (egg hunts, coloring eggs, church services/traditions), Christmas (tree farm visit, decorating the tree or the house, baking/decorating cookies or gingerbread houses, Elf on the shelf moments, opening a few presents, delivering gifts to a family in need, extended family gathering, Church services, caroling, Santa letter-writing, reading the Christmas story or other traditions), Halloween traditions (visiting a pumpkin farm, corn-maze or haunted house, trick-or-treating, Pumpkin carving, Halloween party), Thanksgiving (time with extended family, sharing "thankful for" words, cooking Thanksgiving dinner)
  • out-of-town: family reunions or trips to visit grandparents/extended-family, annual family trips, kids first trip to a Disney park, beach vacations, weekend getaways, family cruise, road-trip, special international family/couple trips, trips to the zoo, camping trip, festivals/fairs 



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