41 days and counting...

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Within the next month, your man's mind will kick into gear - whether by his own design or with your gentle "reminders" of the special day around the corner.  Even though Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only time you plan some good one-on-one time (they say once a week makes for a healthy relationship), I'll keep with the upcoming theme...

10 Affordable, fun Valentine's Day dates

1. Have a picnic in bed (complete with candles on the nightstand, lights out, mood music, and something delicious to wash it all down).  For those with kids, book a babysitter who can take the little ones somewhere else for the evening.

2. Throw a white-tie party for two - create invitations before hand (guys, do it!), dress up in your best suit (or even invest in a tuxedo rental) and a beautiful evening gown... and have a night out on the... patio (or kitchen table, backyard, living room couch, etc.).  Make it an award night, and give each other "best cook" or "best.... [you fill in the blank]" awards.  Type them up, buy a fake trophy, make a PowerPoint presentation. Make it fun!  You'll need the whole nine yards - cocktail hour, appetizer, a few entrees, desert, etc...  And end the night the way you would have after any spectacular white-tie event... Don't wait for me to tell you - I'll leave that part up to you.

3.  Spa date (from Bonny Albo, About.com Guide) - You don`t really need much for a great massage, other than great intentions and either some oil or a massage bar. A nice bath for the two of you to relax the muscles might be a lovely treat to share beforehand (perhaps in champagne?), with towels previously warmed in the dryer to boot. Just make sure to use spare sheets if you plan on doing a full body massage, since the oils you`ll use to glide over his or her skin can stain quite easily.

4.  Cook dinner & dessert together - better yet, invite another couple over (to provide taste-testing volunteers or to join in on the cooking).  If you invited another couple, you could make it into a contest.  Create teams of guys vs. girls or couple vs. couple, choose one recipe, and see who can make it the best.  If possible use different rooms so there's less chance of V-day spying! Men, don't forget the flowers!

5.  Go to your favorite book store and get to know each other all over again.  You can set a certain amount of time to gather books that show your special someone you love them.  OR they can be books to show each other what your likes are that maybe he/she doesn't know about.  You could even have a test to pick out a few books that you believe the other would love, and see how well you did.  Grab a romance novel and find a comfy couch (or even buy it and go crash at your own place) to read some together.  Hit the kids books section!  The options are endless.

6.  Do breakfast instead of dinner - make heart shaped pancakes, dye your scrambled eggs pink, and (guys!) have a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table (or the tray, if you've decided to stay in bed).

7.  "Drive in movie date" - no drive in theater in your town?  No problem!  Bring the TV (or projector, if you have one) outside (to the garage or in the yard), back up your vehicle and arrange pillows and blankets so you can see your TV out a window (or from the bed of a truck, or however/wherever you prefer).  Better yet, setup some surround sound speakers if your tech savvy.  Don't forget the "movie munchies" like popcorn and licorice!

8. Take a walk - walk to your favorite park, through nature, around downtown. Take some pictures while you're at it.  Hold hands the whole time.  Remember how it was in the good old days where simplicity was the norm. :)  Carve your initials into a tree trunk, yell "I love you Sue!" at the top of your lungs.  Sit in the middle of a (deserted) street.  Be silly.

9.  Take a dance (or another hobby) class together and set some goals to keep it up!

10.  And for the best of all... a photography date!  Buy a big blanket of any color (it'll be your backdrop) and either nail it to a wall, hang it over a door, or put it up on something tall with chip bag clips.  Grab a tall lamp or two (or your heavy duty work shop light), put a thin white sheet (or a large sheet of white present tissue) over the top of it to diffuse it (so it's not so bright/strong).  Then grab some props - and have fun!  Men - have some fun with your wifey and give her a personal boudoir photo shoot.  Why not? :)

I hope you liked the ideas.  Please comment...
-if you especially loved one of the ideas
-if you used one of the ideas (or plan to)
-if you have another idea to add to the list

And remember, girls, you have about 1 month to "remind" your men of the upcoming date... Casually mention this post, to get his juices flowing.  Comment & share it on your own blog, on your Facebook wall (or his friend's, or your dog's... or better yet, his!), tweet it, email it.  Or book an engagement shoot and I'll talk up the ideas to your guy while we shoot away! :)

Speaking of which, if you ARE engaged and need a really fun photographer to get some beautiful engagement photos, I'm your girl.  Give me a call, send me a text, or shoot me an email today.  Happy Valentines planning!


A little more on Morgan & Ryan

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Finishing up editing the photographs from Morgan & Ryan's engagement session was a blast!  It brought back all sorts of memories that I just had to share.  They were a really fun couple to hang out with - and though at first they were a little nervous about posing, they did FANTASTIC... Engagement sessions always work well when there's love involved. :)  You can see these two love being together.

I could not publish this entry without showing our "lip pucker practice session."  Morgan helped me teach Ryan how to kiss her forehead right. :) It was hilarious!

Look how Ryan looks at his bride-to-be.  There were so many moments captured of him looking at her or kissing her in a way you just know this is the woman he has to be with forever...

Some "serious" fun near the windmill!

The train and this brick wall were some of my other best friends during this session.

Quince Anos de Jessica

November 05, 2011  •  Leave a Comment
I LOVED doing the photography and videography last Saturday during Jessica's quinceanera party!  It was beautiful - everything from the decorations, the cake, the dress, to Jessica herself.  I had fun hanging out with her chambelanes and taking pictures of these guys.  Here are a few of the first pictures to come out of editing...

Me encanto hacer la fotografia y video para la fiesta de quince anos de Jessica!  Todo era muy bonito - los arreglos, el pastel, el vestido, y por su puesta Jessica.  Me diverti al pasear con los chambelanes, tomandoles fotos.  Aqui puse algunas fotos del dia.

Engagement Session

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I loved hanging out with Morgan & Ryan taking pictures of them at Cannonsburg Pioneer Village.  When I first saw them, I fell in love with the clothes they'd chosen out.  They looked AMAZING, even though Morgan had to make some last minute changes due to the weather!  The colors went perfectly with the autumn leaves, and we were able to get several great shot.  Here is a sneak peak of a few!

Beautiful babies!

September 17, 2011  •  Leave a Comment
LOVED taking pictures of these kids.  They're both adorable, just like their parents!  Riley's big brother, Cooper was so happy to hold his sister in his lap - so happy, he even wanted to wear a bow just like her!

Me encanto tomarles fotos a estos ninos - los dos tan lindos, tal como a sus padres!  El nino, Cooper, estaba feliz por poder llevar a su hermana, Riley, sobre las piernas - tan feliz, que aun se puso una moña asi como tenia puesta ella!
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