Welcome to a little place of real.  I am Kalli. Some call me Kalimana.  I have a condition.  I love words and writing.  But I can't write fake.  We'll call this a warning of sorts.  This is a place of honesty - a little thing I hold as one of the most beautiful in existence.  Consider yourself welcomed in with a hug.  Feel free to settle in and get comfortable comfy. 



embracing the documentary family photographer inside me: in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

June 08, 2016  •  1 Comment
This is the Hoeksema family. They look a bit like perfection when you first see them - in a photo or real life. My videographers and I chose them a while back to be the family that represents Kalimana Film Stories' business story. Though preceded by a thorough pre-production process (by the talented duo Eugene & Heather), the video feels real. And...
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