embracing the documentary family photographer inside me: in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

June 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

This is the Hoeksema family.  They look a bit like perfection when you first see them - in a photo or real life.  My videographers and I chose them a while back to be the family that represents Kalimana Film Stories' business story.  Though preceded by a thorough pre-production process (by the talented duo Eugene & Heather), the video feels real. And I know many thanks are owed to this lovely family here.  They don't try to pretend they're anything they're not.  They were just what my business film needed. BTW, it will be ready within a couple weeks!

So when Rachel asked me to capture "a day in the life" for them, I was excited and intrigued. I wondered what a day would be like with this sweet family.  And without further ado, here it is.  Photos and video by Kalimana Film Stories.

This little guy spilled his juice.  The juice he doesn't normally have.  The juice he convinced his mom he needed because he wasn't feeling well. Silly Jackson.  Good at getting what he wants ... and cleaning up after himself.


Mornings at the Hoeksema household are spent playing, keeping baby sister happy, riding on cars in the kitchen, and eating snacks while mom makes breakfast. 

Presenting... Jackson's car.  The one he rides around the kitchen.  And everywhere else in the house.  In this shot he's headed to investigate my monopod that was left behind for a few minutes.   

This is what a mouth full of eggs looks like.  Ok, I'm hungry now.


Watching Ice-Age.  Yes, you can have treasured photos of your kid watching TV. This one takes my breath away. Look at those lashes.  Jackson, did you know Ice Age is one of my husband's favorite movies? High five, dude! 


Brushing teeth with your mom's necklace on.  You know, everyday stuff like that.

Thomas. Or is that Gordon?  You got me - I don't have kids yet.  But I know you like trains!


Oops.  Can't keep those things on the track.  It feels like a mini acrobatic act. 


This little girl did spectacularly in the car, but you'd think it was going to be otherwise by this face.  I love that we captured this moment. How many times each week do you put your kid in a carseat? And how many of those times to you capture it?


Napping while brother plays.  This little girl needs extra special care, and she gets it. Parenting props to Rachel & Joe.


Because walking to the car is an endeavor all by itself.

Ok Jackson, give mommy one kiss. And please, don't fall in the pond. 


Love this. Such a sweet duo.

I want the main "TO DO" on my schedule tomorrow to be blowing bubbles. Can someone arrange that for me?


And to finish it all up, the Hoeksema family's DAY IN THE LIFE film with Kalimana Film Stories! 

Love & hugs and all that good stuff!


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