"Your first breath took ours away..."

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After baby arrives, life seems to speed up.  

Every mom can attest that the first few days at home with your new bundle blur together, and before you know it, you have a toddler running around your home.  It's hard to think back and remember what those days and sweet moments were like.  It's my privilege to come into your home and capture those memories for you, with photos & video, so you can forever look back and never forget.       -Kalli Pavon (Owner & filmmaker)


What are local families capturing?

First days (at hospital or home), siblings meeting new baby, audio-visual letters to new baby, real-life (beautiful daily life), family meeting new baby, and more!


New baby session investment:  Begins with a session fee of $150.

The session fee includes:

  • pre-session preparation for our time together
  • documentary photography and/or video coverage
  • sneak peek shortly after the session
  • in-person photo/video premiere event
  • the session does not include digital or print products, but you'll be able to add on anything you like (from the jump drive of images with a print release and a keepsake album to heirloom videos and your films on dvd), and more!

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Take a peek at a few example films below! 

Welcome home, baby!

Life with twins

Birth highlight + sibling meeting (at hospital)